Music for Media

The title music for one of Joe Coelho’s stories in Fairy Tales Gone Bad (2015). The other three tales in the set are twisted takes on Goldilocks, The Ugly Duckling and Little Red Riding Hood.


The  moment in The Steadfast Tin Soldier (2013) when (spoiler alert!) the hero and heroine are united in the flames.  Norwich Puppet Theatre’s Christmas show.

Eating Strawberries

Three Colours (2013), an immersive, multi-media show for the very young, plays out with a reprise of music from the strawberry eating sequence. The show’s audio is in quadraphonic but I’ve squeezed this into two channels for the website.

Pop-up Flashback

The music which bookends Word Pepper’s Pop-up Flashback (2014)

Application on Behalf of…

An extract from the final track on Pro Eto (2015) – a CD of readings from Mayakovsky’s poem of 1923 with a soundscape by my good self. The reader here is Rosy Carrick; artwork by Peter Kent.

Far Outro Rag

This music plays as the audience leaves The Steadfast Tin Soldier (2013) wondering whether or not the show had a happy ending.

Pied Piper arrives

The Pied Piper makes his first appearance in Pied Piper (2012). For Norwich Puppet Theatre. “Fantastic” “an example of excellent rural theatre” – The Guardian.

Marimba in the rain

As part of the R&D for The Frog and the Princess (2014) we spent time exploring the juxtaposition of irregular time signatures and how this affected the performers.

Rostam Feasts

From Dreams of Kings and Heroes (2010), a shadow show by Indefinite Articles, performed at the Fitzwiilliam Museum, Cambridge as part of the Shahnameh exhibition of ancient Persian miniatures.

Can Fish Drink Tea?

A pastiche of a popular song from 1925 for Garlic Theatre’s street theatre show Can Fish Drink Tea (2013).


The moment in Thumbelina (2011 remake) when the heroine escapes the Mole on the back of the Swallow she nursed through the winter. For Banyan Theatre / Norwich Puppet Theatre.

Monkey Won’t Dance

The barrel organ tune that bookends Pied Piper (2012) when our narrator negotiates with his pet monkey. For Norwich Puppet Theatre.

Disturbed Waltz

All the sounds in this piece were sampled from a Michelsonne toy piano. The piano also features, both as a prop and a musical instrument, in the show There’s a Monster in My Piano (2012). For Garlic Theatre.

Frog March

Music that came out of the research and development project for The Frog and the Princess (2014) led by Rene Baker.  This is an idea for the frog’s long walk from the pond to the castle.

The Chalk Giants

Opening sequence for The Chalk Giants (2010), a show which combines live video feed, acting, puppetry, animation and pre-recorded action with live and recorded music. Bamboo flute and sampled lithophone. “The Chalk Giants is a terrific, exciting and alternative twist of a show, a real treat.” – The Glasgow Herald

Choral piece for a scene from the unreleased film 10 Fish (2002).

The title music for a Media Projects East DVD of children’s animations called Green Machine (2008).

Mark, the long-suffering assistant of irascible aviator Bix Horn, dreams of flying in this extract from Garlic Theatre’s The Magnificent Flying Machine (2007).